One of my passions is stone. I have collected rocks and stones since I was a little girl, often filling my pockets and bags with rocks and carrying them home from vacation. I still do that! Everywhere I go I will pick up rocks and bring them home. They all have a special vibration, a special “feel”. I work primarily in alabaster and steatite (soapstone). They are soft enough to carve with my tools and get results quicker than with marble. I have sculpted in marble, but that’s when I am feeling very patient!

Each stone will tell me what to do. I do not start with a plan, I just close my eyes, feel the vibration and begin. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. You just have to take the chance and begin. Nothing ever gets finished if you don’t start! I hope you enjoy the pieces here.

Silurian SplendorGift of LifeGift of Life

Path to Enlightenment

Wave of Solitude

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